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Re: wizard school

At 03:14 PM 5/5/96 PDT, Wisquatuk@TimeWarp MOO [#2] wrote:
>Actually, I say the opposite: it proves you're an expert programmer, but NOT
> NECCESARILY that you have the social skills to become a wizard.  You need to
> talk to players, have a good attitude, respect authority, and to take
> constructive criticism lightly, among other things.
>Yes, it is tough, but even if it were 6000 times tougher, unless it has some
> tests on social skills, I don't think I'd like to use it as the sole wizbit
> test.

how about puppets and bots that log in and bug you to make them multiple
characters, try to hack the MOO, post a bunch of trash on public mailing
lists, and blame you when things go wrong.

This is not a signature.


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