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Re: [newbie] looking for listening object

Thanks everyone for your help with the listening object.  The sheer 
variety and options were a learning experience in itself.  I'm sticking 
with Snowfall/Colin's suggestions because they are so simple that I can 
understand, and I'm just reading and learning from the rest.

For other newbies like myself, Colin's simple solution was:
;;#170.("record") = {}
;;#170.("key") = 0
;;#170.("aliases") = {"recorder"}
;;#170.("description") = "This is a simple recorder that will record 
everything said or done in this room."
;;#170.("object_size") = {0, 0}

@args #170:"tell" this none this
@program #170:tell
if (this.record)
  this.record = {@this.record, tostr(, " -> ", argstr)};

And I'll read it by @notediting #170.record

Oh happy day!

Thanks again y'all.



Absolute Nobody


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