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[newbie] looking for listening object


I've got a broken "tape recorder" object that I was given, and I don't 
think that I can make it work by saturday.. This is when a student from 
our school will lbering in 8 students to use our mooto log second 
language synchonous communication.  I 'can' use TinyFugue to get her her 
transcript, but I'd love to have an object create it.

Does anyone have a simple one that they'd provide (hopefullly with 
instructions ;-)

I jumped to a pile of moos looking for examples from which I could figure 
out how to fix mine, but it will take too long for me to succeed.

Thanks in advance.

Jason of the broken keyboard.

PS: I 'did' check the archives for mention of such things, but I saw 
nothing over the past 16 months.


Absolute Nobody


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