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Re: Exit invisible!

On Wed, 8 May 1996, Levy T wrote:

> are available. But with a 'look' command in the room, I can't see the exit.
> In many MOOs, you can see all the exits while looking to the room.
> Doesn't somebody know about that?
> Is it due to the database?
> Do I have to change the look or description verb? 
> Thanks,

The logical thing to do is to modify $room:look_self to include a listing 
of exitis in the room.

Here's the codee I wrote on one MOO for $room:tell_obvious_exits (tnt rxd),
which should be called from $room:look_self.

 1:  if (exits = this:obvious_exits())
 2:    exit_names = {};
 3:    for x in (exits)
 4:      exit_names = {@exit_names, x:title()};
 5:    endfor
 6:    player:tell("Obvious exits:  ", 
 7:  else
 8:    player:tell("There are no obvious exits.");
 9:  endif

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