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New Server: Mailing list

Rather than crowd this mailing list with
information and discussion about the new
server project I'm working on, I've
created a mailing list specifically for

To subscribe, please send mail to and in the
body of your message put the following:

SUBSCRIBE new-moo <Your Name>

I've also set up a web site with some
of my thoughts about the new server.
You may find it at

I'll eventually be placing the source
code there for distribution and eval-


In related news, I'm looking for folks
who would like to work on portions of
the NewMoo server. (Tentative name)
I'll be wanting someone to take res-
ponsibility for the Windows platform
as well as the Unix platform. The
final distribution will be compilable
on ALL major platforms. Well, that's
the goal anyway.

Jeff Watkins (home) (work)

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