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NewMoo 1.0a2 available

The NewMoo server is now available for MacOS and Unix. I've 
added some important language elements, which I had been too 
lazy to add previously. And I replaced the List code with a 
much faster array implementation.

You can download the MacOS version from:

and the unix version from:

You will also find both versions at the NewMoo web-site:


Features planned for the 3rd alpha release:
* All: Saving the DB to disk, including swapping out objects 
that haven't been used lately.
* All: Redesigning the Package mechanism. It was hacked to-
gether the first time, now it needs to be thought through 
and written correctly.
* Unix: Getting the VM to run all the time, even while 
waiting for user input. Eventually this will disappear.
* All: Add the connection model. Handle basic telnet 
* All: Add $Network package. All networking code will be 
written to the interface specified by the $Network package. 
Different platforms require different networking code, nat-
urally, but hopefully, they can integrate into a consistant
* Mac: Adding OpenTransport based networking code.
* Unix: Adding standard sockets networking code.

Features planned for future releases:
* All: Hashed dictionaries. I'm not at all certain how I 
want to do this, so feel free to speak up.
* All: Decompiler. Pretty hard to REALLY work on the code 
when you can't see what a method's code is.
* All: Implement behaviors. The stubs are there, but I've 
got a lot of work to do before they're really working prop-
* All: Exceptions.

That'll probably keep me busy for a while. Feel free to jump 
in and offer to take charge of pieces of development. I'm 
still looking for someone interesting in taking over the 
Windows NT development work. Unless someone volunteers, I'll 
have no way to make certain the server runs on all popular 
platforms, which is definitely my goal.

Jeff Watkins

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