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suspend() and read()

>From 'help read()':

`Read()' may only be called by a wizard, and,
unless <player> is given explicitly, only in a command task that has never
been suspended by a call to `suspend()'.  Otherwise, `E_PERM' is


;;suspend(1); return read();
foo                   /* <- this is obviously getting trapped by the read() */
=> "foo"
[used 14954 ticks, 2 seconds.]
;;suspend(10); return read();
foo                   /* <- this must be being interpreted as a command... */
I don't understand that.     /* <- no surprise here */
#-1:Input to EVAL, line 4:  Permission denied
... called from built-in function eval()
... called from #57:eval_cmd_string (this == #141), line 18
... called from #57:eval*-d (this == #141), line 10
(End of traceback)

...and only here do we have the raised E_PERM.

What'm I missing here? :)

The server's a 1.8.0p4, FUP and a few other things, but otherwise fairly
Yours wonderingly,

Matthew Sanderson
The Australian National University, Canberra
"Cotenda mea, delenda est Carthago"


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