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Re: suspend() and read()

On Thu, 9 May 1996, Matthew Sanderson wrote:

> >From 'help read()':
> `Read()' may only be called by a wizard, and,
> unless <player> is given explicitly, only in a command task that has never
> been suspended by a call to `suspend()'.  Otherwise, `E_PERM' is
> returned.
[ Illustrative demonstration snipped. ]

The help file is hopelessly out of date; at this point you'll need to 
read the programmer's manual (and run through the ChangeLog from that 
version, though in this case there are no changes.

I would quota from the changelog, but I can't.  To summarize:

As of version 1.7.6, non-wizards can read() from their own connections.

As of version 1.7.9, a read() will succeed *as long as it is from the 
last task spawned from that connection's command-line*.  You can achieve 
this by non suspending, getting lucky, or setting an appropriate 
connection-option.  Read the ChangeLog for details.

I don't think there are any relevant chagnes since 1.7.9, but I could be 

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