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Re: client_echo inconsistent

At 09:22 PM 5/9/96 -0500, Brian Buchanon wrote:
>Two fixes:
>1) In db:
>  Have #0:do_login_command set client_echo to 1
>2) Server patch:
>  Change the line in net_multi.c that reads
>     h->client_echo = 0;
>  to
>     h->client_echo = 1;

Not recommended unless you can convince Pavel or the next maintainer to do it.

Since this reverses the programming VALUE for this builtin you will create a
situation where any code written to support this understanding of the value
of "client-echo" will fail on any other server that has not made this change.

The manual states plainly the WON'T ECHO has a true value and WILL ECHO is
David Morris
Green Mountain, Iowa
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