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I'm sorry if this question is rather basic...I have tried finding a solution in the
relevant docs.

I've just set up a moo on a HP Unix box running MOO1.8.0p5 using the Dec 29th
core from the xerox ftp site.

I've worked my way through "updating to 1.8.0 " from and
have added 'support_numeric_verbname_strings' with the value of  1 to my
$server_options. This seems to have cured all the traceback errors and probs
with @examine.

But I still have a problem with the compile function using @edit even though I've
used the $verb_editor:compile  programm supplied in "Updating to 1.8.0"

If there is a syntax error it tells me but if the verb is ok when I type 'compile' no
message appears and if I then quit I'm told to either ABORTor COMPILE next
time i use @edit ...using the 'what' command after 'comp' informs me I haven't
compiled since the last change.

Verbs programmed with @program are created and work fine

Any suggestions or pointers to usefull docs appreciated



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