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Re: Really stupid newbie question

I use EWAN and have no problems with backspace.  I believe that you can edit
keymap files if you are having problems.  Click on the 'options' button and
look at what is available.


At 09:08 AM 5/9/96 PDT, you wrote:
>Bill Lantry writes:
>> Can't get the backspace key to work when people connect through
>> EWAN. It *does* work through a 32/70 emulator, and on the standard
>> Linux telnet> function.
>The MOO server itself never interprets the BACKSPACE key or any other
>line-editing keys.  The key works under those other client programs because the
>programs are either handling it themselves or else allowing the operating
>system to do so.  Apparently, then EWAN of which you speak does not do so.
>	Pavel
Isabel L. Danforth     Reference Librarian, Wethersfield Public Library     	Co-Director of Librarians' Online Support Team

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