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register_function line

Okay, I'm adding a built-in to a MOO called 'distance'. A sample call to
distance would be:  ;distance({1.0,2.0,3.0},{4.0,5.0,6.0})   => some float

To add this, what line(s) would I put before the first opening bracket ({)
of the code?
I have:
float bf_distance(float stop[3], float start[3])
[... the code ...]
Also, what would the register_function(???) be? I tried:
but when I compiled I got something like arg 4 being passed to 
register_function is incompatible (Note: It did compile anyway.)

The way I had it orginally it compiled, but when I called it it paniced the
server, and had 'Caught Signal 11' in the log. 

Thanks in advance for your help.


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