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Re: New patch release 1.8.0p5 of LambdaMOO server

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By author:    Pavel Curtis <>
In newsgroup: local.moo
> -- Fixed backward-compatibility problem in 1.8.0 where the semantically
>    erroneous but syntactically correct expression
> 	-"a string"
>    stopped even compiling, let alone running.  (Thanks to Seth Rich for
>    pointing this out.)
> -- Fixed another backward-compatibility problem in which the (again)
>    semantically erroneous but syntactically correct expression
>    (an understandable typo for stopped compiling when found in a
>    database made by a pre-1.8.0 server.

I hope these do generate compile-time errors and aren't allowed
through... it would be a travesty if we had to allow expressions that
would be known to generate runtime errors at compile time.

I can understand allowing them to compile when loading in a database
(to keep an old db from choking) but they shouldn't be allowed to be
entered anew.


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