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Re: Networking Utilities

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> >I'm curious if anyone else has developed fully-functional SMTP and/or POP
> >systems in MOOCode.

I wrote a MOO popper (that is, a POP3 daemon within the MOO, for helping
people move mail OUT of the database).  It's on JHM, #2283 (POP3 Daemon),
and #1072 (POP3 Worker).  I don't think many people used it, since it
hasn't been running since the last reboot, and I haven't seen any

What I really like is the MOO NNTP server, which makes it possible to
read public mailing lists with your favorite newsreader (provided you
can either make your MOO listen on port 119, or make the newsreader talk
to a port other than 119).  Unfortunately MOOmail doesn't thread very
well (most newsreaders fall back on subjects and turn 10% of the mailing
list into one "thread" of messages with no subject).  If you want to
see it in action, point Netscape at news://  I
recommend clicking on "thread" (to turn it off) and "date" (to get normal
MOO order) These are also on JHM, #3652 (NNTP Daemon) and #911 (NNTP
News Boy).  The help on the NNTPd might be interesting:!%23911



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