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Re: A good set of generic questions...

All this raises the question again:  Is this a good idea?  So much on the 
Web seems to be done just because someone could, not because it was a 
good idea.  *WHY* do frames is a good question.  Outside of a few sites 
(and not surprisingly ones which also offer non-frame versions), I've 
seen maybe 10 justified uses of frames.  I surf about 20 hours per week 
as hobby and professionally.  Frames as well as java-applets are saddly 
the most unartfully over-used and unnecessary uses of bandwidth on the web.

MOO, and I feel this very strongly, does not need these plug-ins to 
work.  Where it works, it works best where simple.  

One of these days I hope a Webmaster named Ockham comes along to shave 
the over-long beard of unreasonablly complex beards called enhancements.

MOO is a textual interface.  As such its dependency on graphics is 
virtually nil.  What we need more is to improve the textual interface 
first.  So many projects seem to get almost finished, never fully, before 
our attention turns to how to add shockwave to MOO.  This is ridiculous, 
my fellow MOO'ers.  And, not a little sad.

Regards all,

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