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Re: A good set of generic questions...

Don Schwarz drew these hieroglyphs:

> Has anyone attempted to write a web gateway based on frames?  I've been
> thinking of doing this for a while, but I have too many projects and don't
> know enough about HTTP servers to do it yet.  The way I was thinking, any
> page sent out by the MOO could look something like:
> and then each frame would only change when it has to.  Anyone see any
> problems with this (besides that not every browser supports frames) ?

Ugly.  Annoying.  This describes most frames interfaces.  I'm not
religious against frames.  They're actually a good idea, or would have
been if they weren't such a half-assed glommed-on extension to

using server-push to keep the connection open also does not really
work -- the connection eventually dies.  And forms really don't work
well as an input device.

My recommendation would be to talk to Andy Wilson and work on creating
widgets for tkmoo, a client running under tk/tcl.  He goes by the name
Networker on JHM.  tk/tcl is freely available from SunSoft for most
platforms including Windows 3.1 with win32s, Win95/NT, Mac, and source
for UNIX.

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