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Re: A good set of generic questions...

On Mon, 20 May 1996, 'Keith Weston' wrote:

> I guess my point is, Matt; MOOs don't *need* grphics.  Perhaps another 
> form, like other VRMLs, but MOO doesn't need to be tarted up with 
> graphics and sounds.  

	You don't necessarily have to tart up the MOO (db?) with all the 
binary stuff.  It can all sit on the server and just have the MOO call 
the stuff up.  Although (maybe this is what you mean?), a MOO doesn't 
necessarily have to be a complete graphics world, where the only way to 
access it is through a browser.  One can make a much better "world" in 
VRML for others to use.

> You can put wings on a car, set on the runway, drive it real fast, but 
> you can't make it fly.

	I disagree.  Since you're adding wings to it, I'll replace the 
engine with 2 Boeing-Pratt & Witney engines....and you'll see it will 
fly...  :)  [WARNING: Sarcasm intented there!]

	Junky's 'R' Us


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