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Re: A good set of generic questions...

Eek, mail error.

> I guess my point is, Matt; MOOs don't *need* grphics.  Perhaps another 
> form, like other VRMLs, but MOO doesn't need to be tarted up with 
> graphics and sounds.  
Again, that depends on your point of view. I have a MOO that I want to
put a shared logo interpreter into (kind of a constructionist homage)
- I don't need graphics ? I don't need animations ? I don't need 
buttons and controls ? Sure, I could do ascii art. But it would do
my head in. 

What it comes down to is this: You have a MOO which you are using for
serious professional community. Everyone else's shared tools have 
whiteboards and slide projectors. You want to use MOO to do this work,
and rather than some SenseMedia 'go where you want in the telnet window, 
click the link in the WWW browser' system, you want these things to
be simple, integrated and globally accessible. MOO-Cows is a decent
starting-off point to find out who is interested in this kind of thing,
if you couldn't make WWW five in Paris.

Who is interested in more than just WOO stuff ? Should I make a list, and
put people on it ? Mail me.

> You can put wings on a car, set on the runway, drive it real fast, but 
> you can't make it fly.

Hmm, maybe you didn't get that program about the aussie inventor, or maybe
you have more channels _and_ could find something better to watch, but
I distinctly remember him making a car fly.... ;o)


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