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Webbed MOOs etc...

   Since there seems to be so much interest in "next generation" MOO 
client/systems I've decided to announce my MOO...

   A friend and I have been developing a Java-based client interface that
runs in Netscape with frames. We've developed a protocol for Java applets to
interface to players or objects on the MOO. We also have a set of three
applets (along with a generic Applet base handling the network code) allowing
basic communication/movement around the MOO. 

   The system is heavily dependant on the WWW server I implemented in-MOO 
last summer from scratch; I'd been a user and WWW-hacker on The Sprawl 
for a number of months before I realized there had to be a better way 
(ducking). The WWW server implements user-configurable caching to 
(hopefully) increase speed under load, and regular programmers can have 
full control over HTTP headers. The Java client system is built on top of 
the WWW system, loading pages for rooms and players/etc into frames as 
   The Java system was designed with the idea of user-extendability from the
ground up; ie, users can write their own applets to replace the basic ones we
have programmed. Users can put applets "in" rooms to which "java-logged-in"
players can connect to (we currently only have one example of this). Your
entire interface can be revamped by you, as a programmer (not $wiz), if you
put in the time to develop it.

   Another design note: users logged in through the Java system and users 
on regular telnet sessions are able to communicate/interact. The network 
protocol and server are designed to allow simultaneous Java & telnet 
logins. Java users and telnet users should be able to interact pretty 
seamlessly. Only basic move/look/talk commands are implemented in the 
applets so far, but the framework is there for further expansion.

   Our documentation so far is good but not comprehensive, but there should
be plenty to let you get a taste of how things work.

There are a few catches, so take note:

1 - It's running on a 486-33 under linux
2 - We're losing the network connection in about 3 weeks
3 - It's never had more than 4 people logged in simultaneously

   As a result, we probably won't give out accounts until we can get
something more stable going. We're posting this because of the large interest
in this kind of thing, not because we want to run a public MOO. :)

The server is at
or telnet to port 7777.
Telnet and Java guest logins are allowed (but limited in number).

Will Orton (gridlock in-MOO) <>
John Bellardo (The_Wizard in-MOO) <>


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