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Server patch levels...

	Ok, this has been going on for far too long and we're trying to 
solve it in a different way, this time through servers.
	Remember a while back both me and Chris Delaney told you folks (or 
asked rather) about the weird happenes on RiverMOO where after upgrading 
to p4 (and p5), the server's CPU usage increased by 25%....and...the 
place became very laggy, very slow.  There are no tasks running that 
weren't there before we upgraded.  There aren't any more processes 
running on the server than there was before we upgraded, yet, things 
really dragged after the upgrade...  So, now we're trying to revert back 
to the old p2 server....but....guess what.....Pavel gave us yet another 

Mon May 20 21:48:10 MDT 1996: RESTARTED
May 20 21:48:10: STARTING: Version 1.8.0p2 of the LambdaMOO server
May 20 21:48:10:           (Using BSD/TCP protocol)
May 20 21:48:10:           (Task timeouts measured in server CPU seconds.)
May 20 21:48:10: LOADING: core.db
May 20 21:48:10: *** READ_DB_FILE: Unknown DB version number: 4
May 20 21:48:10: *** DB_LOAD: Cannot load database! we can't even revert back to our old server.  Um, does 
anyone know HOW this can be achived, IF there's a way to do this?  
Anyone?  Pavel?  Help?

	Junkie's 'R' Us

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