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Re: A good set of generic questions...

[Why don't you people use real names for fks sake?!]

> >My recommendation would be to talk to Andy Wilson and work on creating
> >widgets for tkmoo, a client running under tk/tcl.  
> tkmoo is nice, but tk is _not_ portable, no matter what sunlabs tell you.

Mmm, interesting observation.

> My preference is to do this stuff in Java, which is what I am doing. The
> key advantage is to be able to deliver the interface to the MOO via
> the net - secure Tcl/Tk is a long way off. Java security flaws pale
> into insignificance next to what unsolicited Tcl code can do.

Another one.

> Starting from the ground up, Java is a nice way to build clients. 
> DU-moo is nice, but it's a bit immature at the moment.. as soon as I'm
> done tidying some rough edges, I'll let you in on the client I'm
> using for CoSMOO - once the sysadmins let me have my machine back, I'll
> gladly demo it to people.. 

Just grab some screen shots and web it for us.  Please.

> Then again, William of Ockham (Occam?) could use his razor on the 
> unneccessarily complex MOO text editing interface (the major stumbling 
> block for newbies, surely). Tell me hypertext is harder to use than MOO. 
> No one will, because it simply isn't true. 

What does the former statement have to to with the latter.

> > MOO is a textual interface.  As such its dependency on graphics is 
> > virtually nil. 
> Again, this depends on the application. Teaching relies on engaging as
> many of the senses as possible. MOO objects cannot convey the richness
> of web documents, its time they are able to.


> I agree, which explains why the first thrust of my work has been to add
> simple markup to MOO - italics and bold text make a spectacular difference.


> I am certainly not suggesting going plug-in crazy. Java is here to stay,
> though, and could be ideal for the task. Anybody who shares my view,
> reply by mail or catch me (Grommit) on MediaMOO.

No, go plugin crazy, kill all this tf/emacs bullshit dead before
Netscape beats you to it.  I would ;)

> Mike Houghton



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