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Re: A good set of generic questions...

At 07:41 AM 5/21/96 -0500, Matthew Hapke wrote:
>The new version of Pueblo doesn't have you log into their server anymore,
>that was removed.  Also, in rebute, I would say that hey! It is still better
>then some homegrown client, and it works well and allows you to upgrade a
>MOO to use multimedia very easily.  It has none of the "software" lag that
>netscape does, ie waiting to load this or that, waiting for the server to
>reconnect, and send stuff, disconnecting, etc. All that is gone. 

  Good news about them dropping the central server.  I admit I haven't tried
the latest version (just the one from 4 weeks ago, or so).  I would say
Pueblo is better than some homegrown clients (but not all).
  The lack of software lag is a significant advantage if you or the MOO is
on a slow network.  You might note, though, that HTTP/1.1 supports
persistant connections (see Internet Draft 03, section 17,  So pretty soon it'll be
goodbye server push and other limited standards and hello broad internet
  Another advantage of the standard browser approach is that you get to
choose which VRML or other plug-in you want to use.  For that matter, how
soon do you expect Pueblo to start supporting Macromedia Director files
(Director is the authoring system most commonly used for making interactive
CD-ROMs)?  We're already incorporating Director files into BioMOO and
Diversity University, because the Shockwave plug-in for Netscape Navigator
now makes it easy for both PC and Mac users to use multimedia movies and
games associated with MOO objects, all while staying within the MOO world.
Nifty stuff.

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