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Re: A good set of generic questions...

>  Another advantage of the standard browser approach is that you get to
>choose which VRML or other plug-in you want to use.  For that matter, how
>soon do you expect Pueblo to start supporting Macromedia Director files
>(Director is the authoring system most commonly used for making interactive
>CD-ROMs)?  We're already incorporating Director files into BioMOO and
>Diversity University, because the Shockwave plug-in for Netscape Navigator
>now makes it easy for both PC and Mac users to use multimedia movies and
>games associated with MOO objects, all while staying within the MOO world.
>Nifty stuff.
>                                        Eric
 OH Boy, I hate to keep bringing this up here, because this thread has
really kind of gotten off topic, but just for your info, PUeblo supports
Netscape Plug-ins, so anythinng you can get on Netscape, you can use in
PUeblo. In fact, the newest version checks for netscape, and uses its
plug-in registry thingy, so all your plug-ins just pop right in ;) So, right
now you can use Macromedia's stuff.

  I agree that it weould be nicer to use a browser that everyone is familiar
with, and gets rid of server push. That is my main reason for giving Pueblo
a chance.  The new stuff you talk about with HTML will be nice, and could
very well do tha trick.  I think what might have been a better concept for
the pueblo guys is to have made a netscape plug-in out of Pueblo, instead of
remaking the whell, so to speak, with their own internal browser, and all
the other stuff they have in there (the VRML is included in that.)  BTW, The
VRML package they now use is 3DR, changed from their last version as well.

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