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Re: A good set of generic questions...

Well, this has all been very nice.

But why, when people point out that stuff like Peublo only runs on PCs, is the 
response only ever about Macs??  What about us Unix users???

We're hoping to add Java support to MOOtiny soon, probably using Cup-O-MUD.  We 
will hopefully also have a pretty snazzy frames based system around it - using 3 
frames MAXIMUM.  This will work on any platform, just about, right now.  People 
will be able to get on without having to go get a special client to do it.

Although we might approach VRML in the future, I don't see it is a priority.  
It's over-flashy right now.  But the ability for anyone to MOO using the Web 
browser they already have is, I believe, very important.  We were all once 
newbie guests, and can remember how difficult learning the command structure 
was.  A rich-text interface for users, easily extended by any programmer, *has* 
to be the next step.

Which ever way we go, we will release the new system, we hope, as WOOM2.0 or 
whatever, so that anyone else can take the code for their own MOOs, with little 
more difficulty than installing a standard LambdaMOO.  WOOM has been falling 
behind some of the other available HTTP-serving systems, and we need to start 
putting effort back in.  The problem is that we're all working or studying for 
PhDs, so we don't get the time we used to have.

Hopefully we'll have something to show off in a month or two.


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