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buncha questions

Hi.  I have several questions, and I apologize in advance for the

1.)  I'm looking at setting up a MOO for our sysadm staff, for possible
use as an online communication tool, ie for online meetings, and especially
for communication while telecommuting.  As it's just for a small group
of people, I'd like to allow connections to the MOO from only a
specified list of hosts and/or subnetworks.  Is there any built-in facility 
for this type of access control?  I recall an @blacklist command, but
it didn't look like it would provide the right kind of control.  I'm
considering hacking support for tcpd into the MOO executable, similar
to how sshd supports tcpd, but of course I'd prefer if there was an
easier solution. :)

2.)  I'm looking at both LambdaCore and JHCore right now, but I don't have
enough background to decide between the two.  JHCore would appear to
have more interesting features, but is it still being developed
(supported, updated, fixed, etc)?  The latest copy I found via ftp was
dated Apr 20, 1995 - that's over a year old.  Also, it seems to be
lacking certain things from LambdaCore, like support for several of
the $server_options.

3.)  What's the best route to making a pre-1.8.0 database (particularly
LambdaCore-25Dec95 and/or JHCore.db-20Apr1995) compatible with
1.8.0p5?  I found the page ( listing several
changes needed to the db.  I applied most of these changes to my lambdaCore,
except for $generic_editor:ok, as it gave me this error:

	Do a 'look' to get the list of commands, or 'help' for assistance.

	#49:ok (this == #47), line 5:  Variable not found
	... called from #47:init_session, line 1
	... called from #49:invoke (this == #47), line 42
	... called from #6:@edit (this == #2), line 13
	(End of traceback)

Also, the code for $verb_editor:com listed there seemed to be missing
a block of code at the bottom (in particular, where it told you 
"successfully compiled"), as compared to the existing program in the
   Except for these oddities, the changes seemed to do the trick.
Later when I downloaded the JHCore, I had read that simply setting
$server_options.support_numeric_verbname_strings to 1 would make the
db 1.8.0-compatible, so I tried this with the JHCore rather than
re-programming all those verbs again.  Things seemed to work okay,
except I got this error when creating a player:

	Send email to with password? [...]
	**** Connecting to Mail server localhost port 25.
	*** Mail sent successfully.
	#14:_get (this == #17), line 1:  Property not found
	... called from #13:_find_nth, line 9
	... called from #13:find_nth, line 2
	... called from #14:new_message_num (this == #17), line 4
	... called from #14:receive_message (this == #17), line 4
	... called from #43:raw_send, line 26
	... called from #43:send_message, line 27
	... called from #38:create_registered_player, line 35
	... called from #24:do_make_player, line 42
	... called from #52:@make-player (this == #2), line 9
	(End of traceback)

I couldn't tell whether this was a 1.8.0-issue, or just a bug in the
DB.  I found a message with the same error in the MOO-Cows archive
back in Feb, but there didn't seem to have been an solution posted to
the list.

In any case, I'd appreciate any and all help with these questions.

Will Day       <PGP mail preferred>      OIT, Georgia Tech, Atlanta 30332-0715     
   =-> Opinions expressed are mine alone and do not reflect OIT policy <-=
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Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
    Benjamin Franklin, Pennsylvania Assembly, Nov. 11, 1755

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