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Re: FUP at my db and RTFM

>>What are the (relevant) contents of #235:more ?

>The line that did it was a fairly simple
>        player:tell_lines(fileread(path, ""));
>...(path, "") because I'm putting the entire path as a single string.

Because you are putting the entire path as a single string?
Did you read the docs that came with FUP?  Is you OS actually letting you
create a file with a null name?  You have to explode the path on the last
/.  This is for security reasons.

>Reports about OS incompatibilities are welcome, as long as they include
>enough information to make sense of them.

Is it just me, or this is problem running rampant everywhere? :)

Note, tostr(E_INVIND) will tell you waht E_INVIND is.  And it doesn't 
really make sense to raise that, but what do I know.
Why are you trying to remove files with filermdir?


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