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FUP ate my db

I'd just like to point out a `small' bug in FUP... if you try and fileread() a 
directory, it just keeps reading, and reading, and reading, and locks the 
server up, and eventually runs out of memory and the server panics and dumps 

May 25 22:29:54: *** PANIC: memory allocation (size 34160) failed!
May 25 22:29:55: #235:more, line 19:  server panic
May 25 22:29:55: (End of traceback)
May 25 22:29:55: PANIC-DUMPING on deaddump3.db.PANIC ...
May 25 22:29:56: PANIC-DUMPING: Writing 306 objects...
May 25 22:30:00: PANIC-DUMPING: Done writing 306 objects...
May 25 22:30:00: PANIC-DUMPING: Writing 1474 MOO verb programs...
May 25 22:30:12: *** PANIC: memory allocation (size 12) failed!
May 25 22:30:12: *** RECURSIVE PANIC: aborting

I have yet to check whether the panic-dumped db is valid.


I've just checked.

May 25 22:33:45: LOADING: Reading 1474 MOO verb programs...
May 25 22:34:01: *** PARSER: Error in #46:parse_message_seq:
May 25 22:34:01: ***            Unexpected EOF
May 25 22:34:01: *** READ_DB_FILE: Bad program header, i = 808.
May 25 22:34:01: *** DB_LOAD: Cannot load database!

The paniced db is 490-odd kB shorter than the others, and ends somewhat 
abruptly. It's also missing most of the objects I've recently programmed into 
it. Luckily, it's all stored in my xterm scrollback buffer, so assuming my 
machine does not crash, all is not lost. However, I think this *does* count as 
`catastrophic failure'. Is there a patch in the works? Please?

Yours somewhat-depressedly,

David `Daton' Given of the City (under construction -- at least, it *was*)

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   If you're up against someone more intelligent than you are, do something
    totally insane and let him think himself to death.  --- Pyanfar Chanur
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