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Re: FUP ate my db (and I did RTFM)

Ben Jackson drew these hieroglyphs:
> > We have code that
> > resolves relative path names also (altho, /dir_that_doesnt_exist/../bin =>
> > /bin, but shouldn't matter if you use the below code to determine that the
> > cwd is valid before you let them "enter" it).
> I'm glad someone is posting all of these important tidbits.  Could
> someone compile a FAQ like "Things that Sound True About UNIX But Are
> Really Pulled out of Someone's Ass"?
> Please, PLEASE spare us this flood of UNIX misinformation.  Thank you.

How about sparing us from this pretentious crap you pulled out of your
ass, okay?  The code Tef is talking about is MOO code, got it?  
He KNOWS UNIX doesn't behave like that.  That's why he mentioned it.

Christ almighty...


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