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Re: FUP ate my db (and I did RTFM)

At 11:19 AM 5/29/96 PDT, you wrote:
>> We have code that
>> resolves relative path names also (altho, /dir_that_doesnt_exist/../bin =>
>> /bin, but shouldn't matter if you use the below code to determine that the
>> cwd is valid before you let them "enter" it).
>I'm glad someone is posting all of these important tidbits.  Could
>someone compile a FAQ like "Things that Sound True About UNIX But Are
>Really Pulled out of Someone's Ass"?
>Please, PLEASE spare us this flood of UNIX misinformation.  Thank you.

I wasn't talking about it in reference to UNIX or a shell, I was talking
about it in terms of how our code that resolves relative path names works.
I'll remember to pull information about code which I am directly able to
test out of my ass next time, so it can be included in a FAQ.

But if I was talking about it terms of UNIX or a shell, perhaps I should
have qualified that with it depends on what shell you use.  Oddly enough,
tcsh and sh will let you 'cd /nonexistantdir/..', but bash (susposedly sh
compatiable?) won't.  This "tidbit" only seems to relate to what you posted,
and doesn't relate to the thread about FUP or files at all, so I'm not sure
how useful it will be to anyone, including you.  I didn't pull it outta my
ass either.

No asses were hurt in the verifying of this information.

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