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Re: How does one set up MCP?

Hi Will,

> What is required to do MCP?
> I've read a few references to MCP, and ran across macros for tinyfugue
> to support it.  It seems to work quite nicely on JHMOO.  Is this
> included in the JHCore from last april?  


> I found several references to
> MCP in the core, include @client-options mcp-edit, but it doesn't
> appear to work.


JHCore's MCP requires you to provide an authentication key which
the server uses to tag any information it sends from Server to
Client.  If you don't set the key then JHCore will refuse to speak
MCP to you.  You need only set the key once, usually at the beginning
of the session, for it to work.  If you disconnect and then connect
again then you will have to set the key again.  You can set your
.authentication_key value by typing:

#$#authentication_key 123456789

The string '123456789' is the key.  The #$#auth... message is
normally sent automatically by the Client when it sees the Server
send some magic token.  JHCore sends:

#$#mcp version: 1.0

to the Client when you connect.  A client like tkMOO-light detects
this, chooses an authentication key and sends the #$#aut.... message
in response.


You still need to set your MOO options to tell the MOO to send you
MCP information when it performs certain tasks.  For example MCP
local editing requires that you to do the following:

@editopt +local
@clientopt +edit
@clientopt +mcp-edit

Thereafter you should be presented with whatever passes for a local
editor session in your client when you type:

@edit me

> I pulled down the code for "XMCP/1.1 Driver (xdr)" and "XMCP/1.1
> Feature Object (xfo)" from the tkmoo-light web pages, and tried my
> hand at adding them into my database.  It still doesn't appear to
> work, though.  Is there something I'm missing?  

Decent documentation.

XMCP is the protocol used by a bunch of new MOO objects not present
in JHCore which support the tkMOO-light client's desktops, whiteboards
and various other wigets.  To date tkMOO-light is the *only* client
that understands XMCP.

I don't subscribe to MOO-COWS so feel free to cc me in your replies,
if any.


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