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Re: Lost wizard passwords...

--- Darrell Berry wrote:
I've given up on 1.8.0 for a while, and dug out an old moo built on 
1.7.8p4...but have completely mislaid/forgotten the wizard 
passwords...what do i do now?
--- end of quoted material ---
If you want the old core, but the new server, you can just use EWM (moo -e) to
do it.

Otherwise, (big breath) go into the 1.8.0 MOO and type ";crypt("hi");"
what it returns will be your new password.

Then with your favourite text editor that handles large files, find the line
representing #2.password and replace that text with the text from the crypt
command.  Restart the server and type "connect #2 hi" to get in.

If you have trouble finding the password line, mail me. 


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