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Re: madborg

Maddog's Studio said...
> Guilherme K. Ramos wrote:
> > Anybody have experiences with madborg bot (
> > Anybody knows where can I get some public domain bot (anyone)?
> madborg is a quick-and-dirty hack of colin to get it to stay and
> respond in a moo.  The bot needs a lot of rework, but the basic
> "how to make work in a moo" is there.  madborg has the 
> colin functionality so there no need to get colin or any of
> his cousins.
> Madborg will not roam and in fact has been severely crippled so
> that he won't. If you want a navigating bot, you have to rework
> the way that colin/madborg handles room.  Since no one has asked
> me to work on the section, i've left it alone.

Ernie and I have spent a fair amount of time working from Colin to
get it to work properly in a MOO environment.  It's not really
"finished" in any sense of the word because we're just working on it
when we have spare time, but it works rather well as-is under Linux or

The main change has been code-related, instead of a few large .c files
there's a stack of smaller ones, and we've generally fixed up the code
to make it ANSI-compliant, and a lot more readable.  The source to
Colin was full of stuff which is unused, magic numbers, etc. - it's 
origins as a "Cut Down" version of Julia really show :)

The stuff relating just to MUDS - fighting and dying, and some of the
monetary system - have been removed, and we've (almost) got it using
ID numbers as identifiers which is nice.

I'd be happy to give out the source to anybody who wants it, with the
usual "no guarantees - it might not even compile!" caveat emptor.


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