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Re: Cease and Desist: the series

>>>>> "Jason" == D Jason Nolan <> writes:

    Jason> Dear Richard 'storm' Kowalski Thanks for the idea.  I think
    Jason> I'll start using Mystical Crossroads in my moo too, and on
    Jason> my web pages.  Of course this would be no doubt part of a
    Jason> satirical reference to the US corporate occult movement,
    Jason> I'm sure that it will stand as 'justified use.'  And if
    Jason> not?  Well you can sue us all.

    Jason> Regards,

    Jason> Jason Nolan

    Jason>  Jason Nolan (abd) Curriculum
    Jason> Department Ontario Institute for Stupidity in Education, U
    Jason> of T * Watch this space for self promoting statements *

    Jason> To quote a great man "To say that Windows 95 is just like
    Jason> the Mac is like finding a potato in the shape of Jesus and
    Jason> thinking you have witnessed the second coming"

Speaking of "the US corporate occult movement", check out:

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