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Re: Cease and Desist!

>>>>> "Peter" == H Peter Anvin <> writes:

    Peter> Followup to: <> By
    Peter> author: "Robert J. Brown" <> In newsgroup:
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    >>  First off, this guy has no idea what he is talking about,
    >> since you cannot copyright a company name, although you can
    >> trademark it.  Just because he has named his company does not
    >> automatically infer protection on that name.
    >> Due to his ignoprant statement, I doubt that he has actually
    >> registered his company name in his home county, much less at
    >> the state level.  He is not elligible for trademark protection
    >> until he has done interstate commerce (meaning the sale of
    >> goods or services across state lines), and ebven then, he must
    >> file for it after a search, and the protection is only in the
    >> areas he registered it under.

    Peter> INCORRECT - Trademark protection applies whether or not it
    Peter> has been registered (and you are not required to do a
    Peter> search, although it is generally wise since someone else
    Peter> may have an unregistered conflicting trademark.)  However,
    Peter> if unregistered you can not sue for legal costs.
Again, I think you are confusing copyright with trademark.  Also, I
speak only with regard to US laws on trademark and copyright.  Berne
convention means the protection is similar in most countries, but
there is no similar agreement on trademarks.

    >> His statements show that he does not know what he is talking
    >> about.  I suspect he made up a company name, but has not
    >> obtained the required state or federal taxpayer ID number for a
    >> corporation, much less registered a trademark.

    Peter> That is legal.  A trademark is defined by use, not by
    Peter> registration.  He needs to have a "ficticious name
    Peter> statement" filed in his home county, however.

This is true, but if a trademark is not registered, and someone else
registers it first, he is out of luck.  It is not like a patent, which
is covered from date of invention, not date of filing.

    >> If you really want to goose him, register the trademark
    >> yourself, and the sue him!  This has been done before: re the
    >> great case of Bonanza steak houses vs Ponderosa steak houses.

    Peter> Won't work; his trademark would have precedence (if it has
    Peter> been used in interstate or international commerce.)

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