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RE: Adding Preposition

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Subject:  Adding Preposition

They're someone who knows how to adding some preposition to the
one recongize by the server. It's mostly adding alias of it then
completely new ones. The purpose it's to make the server able
to understand other language (like French) without having to
parse all the argstr...
Because I'm not sure of my english, I let you an example:
I make an alias of @describe as @decris (french translation of
describe verb). I would like that the command
@decris moi comme ....
will be interpreted exactly in the same way as
@describe me as ....
      without having to reprogram the entire verb. 
As you can see, some 'variables' (as me/moi) have to translated
too if possible... (don't know if me is a variable or not).

Thanks in advanced.

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