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Re: Adding Preposition

On Fri, 7 Jun 1996 wrote:

> They're someone who knows how to adding some preposition to the
> one recongize by the server. It's mostly adding alias of it then
> completely new ones. The purpose it's to make the server able
> to understand other language (like French) without having to
> parse all the argstr...
> Because I'm not sure of my english, I let you an example:
> I make an alias of @describe as @decris (french translation of
> describe verb). I would like that the command
> @decris moi comme ....
> will be interpreted exactly in the same way as
> @describe me as ....
> As you can see, some 'variables' (as me/moi) have to translated
> too if possible... (don't know if me is a variable or not).

They are stored in 'db_verbs.c' (Don't ask me why it's not a option in 
config.h) -- you have to alter them there. You can just append your alias 
for the prep, like this:


would become:


You can use spaces in the prep names, but i'm not sure about other chars 
(like ' or `) -- one character you wont be able to put in a prep in any 
case, is a / ;-)

Hope this helps,


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