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Re: Adding Preposition

Hi, I think you will find that the reason that the prepositions are hard
coded, is a historical artifact of the design of MOO. It started out as a
MUD, available only in America, and has attracted International Attention
because of its unique concepts. The mix of Hard and Soft coding techniques
involved in the language compiler, were set in stone, early in it's infancy
and merely show a failure of vision of the original coder. (or were done
because it was to be publically released)

Since Software can always be RECODED, the opportunity exists to rethink the
nature of the compiler, and make it a little more flexible. But then, that
might be considered a different server, as it wouldn't be supported by
PAVEL and Freinds.



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On Fri, 7 Jun 1996, Thomas Wouters wrote:

> On Fri, 7 Jun 1996 wrote:
> > They're someone who knows how to adding some preposition to the
> > one recongize by the server. It's mostly adding alias of it then
> > completely new ones. The purpose it's to make the server able
> > to understand other language (like French) without having to
> > parse all the argstr...
> > Because I'm not sure of my english, I let you an example:
> > I make an alias of @describe as @decris (french translation of
> > describe verb). I would like that the command
> > @decris moi comme ....
> > will be interpreted exactly in the same way as
> > @describe me as ....
> > As you can see, some 'variables' (as me/moi) have to translated
> > too if possible... (don't know if me is a variable or not).
> They are stored in 'db_verbs.c' (Don't ask me why it's not a option in 
> config.h) -- you have to alter them there. You can just append your alias 
> for the prep, like this:
>   "as",
> would become:
>   "as/comment",
> You can use spaces in the prep names, but i'm not sure about other chars 
> (like ' or `) -- one character you wont be able to put in a prep in any 
> case, is a / ;-)
> Hope this helps,
> Thomas.
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