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Re: Cease and Desist! (fwd)

>        I may suprise you with my advise here but I feel it is prudent, 
>      BAYMOO should first try to discuss what the point of the MOO rooms are 
>      with Richard Kowalski and alleviate his fears that they would be 
>      confused with his company.  If that does not work, they should request 
>      proof of copyright from Richard Kowalski.  If he supplies it, they 
>      should rename the room.  Litigation is expensive.  He would probably 
>      not be awarded a penny, but the cost of defending a suit is not worth 
>      defending the name of a room.

Unless we all plan to stop using the English language entirely, we owe 
this man absolutely nothing. If anything, he is harrassing all of you and 
forcing you to spend time debating an issue with monumental absurdity.

The words Mystical Crossroads are both simple english words, randomly put 
together by this user. The Microsoft example is completely irrelevant 
since it is not part of the English language, but rather a very obvious 
reference to the Microsoft Corporation. You would probably not name a 
room 'Microsoft' unless you intended some sort of connection.

And, in reference to your line about the cost of defending a suit not 
being worth it. It's most definitely worth protecting very basic freedoms 
that shouldn't even be questioned in the first place. If you look at 
things like this on a case by case basis rather than looking at the big 
picture, you will be sorely misled.




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