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crypt()ic problem


I'm new to the list and to LambdaMOO.  I've compiled the LambdaMOO 
1.8.0p5 on a FreeBSD machine and passwords don't work.  When ever a 
character is created or a null password is changed, it's impossible to 

I think I've tracked down the error to the connect verb.  I tested crypt 
and got the following:
=> "$1$Vj$pJmk9yRpWDONyIbzo/UJJ."
=> "$1$fz$J1Q5yZbOLvS66.WpiXR7O0"
;crypt("test", "Vj")
=> "$1$Vj$pJmk9yRpWDONyIbzo/UJJ."
;crypt("test", "fz")
=> "$1$fz$J1Q5yZbOLvS66.WpiXR7O0"
;crypt("test", "Vj")
=> "$1$Vj$pJmk9yRpWDONyIbzo/UJJ."

In the connect verb I found:
16:  if (is_clear_property(candidate, "password") || !$object_utils:isa(
 candidate, $player) || (typeof(candidate.password) == STR && (length(
 candidate.password) < 2 || strcmp(crypt({@args, ""}[2], 
 candidate.password[1..2]), candidate.password))))

I think this system has a slightly nonstandard form of crypt().  If I 
change candidate.password[1..2] to candidate.password[4..5] I think it 
should work, but I wanted to check with someone more familier with the 
language first (especially since this would make the code incompatable 
with other servers).

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