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Re: Server Admin Question

I wrote:
> On Wed, 05 Jun 1996 12:19:43 -0400, I wrote,
> > Okay, I think I am missing something very basic and essential here.
> >
> > I have a server running. I used the dec-25 LambdaCore as a starter and have
> > it going to as I beleive it should be. So, I spend about a
> > week working as I can and get a few new objects done to my satisfaction.
> >
> > Well, then I need to reboot the machine. So, I connect as wizard and do an
> > @shutdown. Well, out she goes ... no problem. So, I reboot the machine and
> > then restart the server. No problem, or so it seems. I connect and all of my
> > new objects are gone.
> >
> > Am I doing something wrong, or is there some other process I need to know
> > about? I did check the #0.dump-interval. It was set to 3600. I decided to
> > change it now to 600, but since I hadn't made changes since last night
> > around 6pm, I don't understand why my objects are gone.
> >
> > Insight appreciated.
> I really need an answer. I cannot work if my changes will be lost ever time
> the I restart the server. I am sure I must be doing something wrong, but
> cannot find anything wrong with what I am doing.

In response, Ian Macintosh wrote:
> I suspect that what you are doing is starting the moo manually instead
> of using the script file that came with it.  The script file
> automatically renames to TribalMOO.db before restarting
> the server.  If you have a system backup shortly after shutting down
> and restarting, you might be able to recover and rename the .new file,
> getting all your lost data back.
> Regards,
> Ian.

I am using the restart script that came with the release.

IE- "cd $MOOHOME; ./restart TribalMOO"

and, Michael Moore wrote:
> The database is checkpointed as part of shutdown.  Are you restarting the
> server with the new version of your database?  A MOO server never overwrites
> the database you started it with (unless you give the output file name as
> the same as the input file, and I've never tried that so I don't know).

Again, I am using the restart script which takes care of this.

> Is it just your new objects missing, or did your database seem to be
> completely reset to its fresh, out-of-the-wrapper state?

It is just new objects. For instance, the player I created named zarko still
existed and had the same password, but the new object $irc was gone, as well as
the property on #0 to set that alias, as well as a couple other small verbs I
had added to $programmer and $player.

> While running, does your MOO create files named (where n
> increments sequentially from 0) when it checkpoints?  How do the file sizes
> compare?

It does not seem to be creating these files. Should these
files continue to exist, or are they moved out once they are complete to If they are supposed to stick around then something is indeed
wrong. According to the log these files are written, but they do not seem to be
around at this time. The log entries from the date in question are in my
previous mail. I would have just sent a single mail, but it didn't occur to me
until I noticed a number of responses.

The following may be helpful:
> ps -elf | egrep moo
30 S    zarko   584     1  0  26 20  *  1653:78    88230250   Jun 05 ?
1:56 ./moo TribalMOO.db
30 S    zarko   586     1  0  26 20  *   422:25    8849625c   Jun 05 ?
0:00 ./moo TribalMOO.db
30 S    zarko   588     1  0  26 20  *   423:25    8849640c   Jun 05 ?
0:00 ./moo TribalMOO.db

> grep finished TribalMOO.log
Jun  5 11:48:01: VALIDATING the object hierarchies ... finished.
Jun  5 12:48:19: CHECKPOINTING on finished
Jun  5 12:58:23: CHECKPOINTING on finished
Jun 11 10:38:32: CHECKPOINTING on finished
Jun 11 10:42:47: CHECKPOINTING on finished
> grep finished TribalMOO.log | wc -l
> ls TribalMOO.*
TribalMOO.db       TribalMOO.log   TribalMOO.log.old  TribalMOO.old.Z


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