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Re: Server Admin Question

C.S. Mo wrote:
> >It does not seem to be creating these files. Should these
> >files continue to exist, or are they moved out once they are complete to
> > If they are supposed to stick around then something is
> >indeed
> >wrong. According to the log these files are written, but they do not seem
> The xxx.#n# files only last for the duration of the checkpoint.

I started a checkpoint via kill -USR2 and was able to see the .new.#n# file
be created and then moved to .new, so is ok.

> >to be
> >around at this time. The log entries from the date in question are in my
> >previous mail. I would have just sent a single mail, but it didn't occur
> >to me
> >until I noticed a number of responses.
> Have you verified that zarko has write permissions on the directory the
> MOO is in?

drwx------   3 zarko    user         3584 Jun 11 11:32 .

> Also have you tried:
> mv TribalMOO.db TribalMOO.db.old
> mv TribalMOO.db
> ./restart TribalMOO

I tried this, and it worked fine. I also tried shutting down and just
restarting with the script, after making a minor change of course, and it
worked as well. I suppose it was just a glitch that one time.

Still, that was about 30 hours worth of code. *sigh*

> (The script should do the above, but you might want to try doing it
> manually.)
> --Ali


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