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Re: $player

At 11:59 AM 6/12/96 PDT, Juliean Galak wrote:
>OK, I just started a new MOO and am using the LambdaCroe that was current as
>of 2 weeks ago.  I have discovered 2 basic player objects: 'generic
>player(#6)' and 'Generic Mail Receiving Player(#91)'  '$player' is currently
>set to #6.  my question is: players created from #6, will they be able to
>recieve mail?  if not, is there a way to set '$player' to  #91?
>          --Juliean Galak (a.k.a. Falcon)
no.... the $player and mail receiving player were made separate in case of
certain MOOs who didn't want players able to receive mail, however there
were still a few bugs left that required players to be descendants of this
class, if you don't care and want all players to be able to read and get
mail, just @set $player_class to #91...

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