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1.8.0 core is here!!

I spent a few hours today, using Brack's hacks for 1.8.0, and am proud to
announce there's a core that's been patched up the 1.8.0 specs.  @whee!
Here're the changes I made to it:

(As mentioned above) I patched for 1.8.0
$quota_utils is now $byte_quota_utils
Death to $spell!  *heheheh*
Did that $news thing, don't even know if it was needed, but just in case.
Added a @verbs and @props verb to $prog.
Stole Martian's $string_utils:from_Seconds from Midgard.  (Gives
	decimals instead of rounding.)
Replaced several verbs on $object_utils with more efficient ones written
	by Dark_Owl.

Also note:  When I attempted to make-core-database, it was 3:35 am and I
was running on Caffeine instead of blood.  I ran into multiple TB's from
some mailing list's init_for_core, I beleive it was npl and ql.  The TB's
were concerning some messages, some props, and some verbs, that just
weren't there.  So you might want to look at the init_for_cores back on
Lambda, and see what I took out to make it work.  I doubt you'll need to
worry 'bout it, but just in case.  Also took out that bleeding reference
to $spell in $wiz:mpl_2.

So, if you're (like me) nutz enough to start a MOO, you now have a core
for 1.8.0 with a few added bonuses.  Enjoy.


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