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> 	As you know, World MOO went down almost a year ago (12:00 
> Midnight, June 17/95, Hawaiian Time).  Which would be the more 
> appropriate time to commemorate it?
> 	12:00 Midnight, June 17/96, HDT
> or
> 	5:48 AM, June 16/96, HDT.
> 	The first option, of course, is 366 days after it closed.  The 
> second is 365.24 days after it closed, which is, of course, the "average" 
> length of the year.

It would be 365.2422 or 365.2425 days, depending on if you could the
Tropical (the actual movement of the seasons) or the Gregorian year.
Anyway, "standard practice" is to use the calendar definition of a
year, which would put it at Mon Jun 17 00:00:00 HST 1996 (Hawaii does
not have Daylight Savings Time) or Mon Jun 17 10:00:00 UTC 1996.

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