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Re: repeat '*** Connected ***' msg (fwd)

At 07:02 AM 6/13/96 PDT, Fabien Ninoles wrote:
>How often the last Lambda MOO send '*** Connected ***' message to
> the client. 
>I have a trigger (on tf) who reacts to it and it trigs very often (when
>looking at $network, $login, making a help mail, and to some other
>objects...) and I never see the triggered string except at first 
>connection. Is it normal? Is it a way to avoid it's 'side-effect' and 
>having my trigger only work at connect time?

That's probably because you put the string *** Connected *** in your
trigger, however * is a special character that can match any number of
characters, so pretty much any line with 'Connected' as a separate word will
trigger it.

If you want to go with a trigger you can always escape the *'s with \'s
before them, so you'd have \*\*\* etc.. but remember some MOOs have changed
the connect message since you can with $server_options... it might be better
to make a connect hook instead of a trigger.


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