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Re: MOO vs. LPMUD, Pueblo, etc

> I was in the local bookstore last Friday night, and I was really
> suprised to see an entire shelf devoted to Linux.  Not just a shelf
> really, but an entire floor to ceiling bookcase, 6 feet high and 4
> feet wide, with nothing but Linux books on it!  I think Linux is going
> to be a *VERY* serious contender for the desktop and home market in
> the near future, ...............
> Microsoft is going to have a real problem with that in the near future...

Yup.  Try  - Linux for PowerMacs.  They do it for 
Suns too, apparently.  And you can get all sorts of stuff for it, including 
Netscape.  There's even a site just for Linux Freeware,  , for people to play with.  Great system.

I'm aware of a fairly large number of MOO users who run it at home.  It came 
free on a cover CD for the biggest and best PC magazine in the UK 3 months back, 

That's kinda what I mean.  Windows'95 is bigger and slower than Windows 3.1, and 
still doesn't offer the power of Unix, or the ease of use of a Mac - or CDE on a 
Unix box, for that matter.  And *boy* is the Internet community pissed of at 

I hear from a colleague who goes to these things, that Microsoft were quite 
shocked by their reception at a conference over here last month.  Sorta like 
when the villian goes on stage in a Pantomime, I'm told...

So Chaco, look to your market!


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