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Re: MOO vs. LPMUD, Pueblo, etc

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    >> From Fri Jun 14 00:09:23 1996 :
    >> Hats off to Chaco -- sure wish there were a Mac port.
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    >> -John Maxwell

    Mark> I could be wrong, but as I understand it, due to the still
    Mark> high proportion of academic users on the Net, there are far
    Mark> more Unix users connected than even PC users, let alone Mac
    Mark> users.  Macs probably get a higher showing than in the
    Mark> desktop figures, again because of the academic slant.  But
    Mark> Unix is still the OS of choice on the Net - not just
    Mark> servers, but clients too.

    Mark> Yes, most home users have PCs, but they're dial-up, maybe 3
    Mark> hours a day.  Unix systems tend to be hard-wired on, and get
    Mark> time-shared between students with time to burn.

    Mark> This is where Microsoft Explorer is loosing out, and it's a
    Mark> huge hole that Chaco really need to fix to get better
    Mark> acceptance.

    Mark> Comments?

    Mark> Moredhel/TC.

I was in the local bookstore last Friday night, and I was really
suprised to see an entire shelf devoted to Linux.  Not just a shelf
really, but an entire floor to ceiling bookcase, 6 feet high and 4
feet wide, with nothing but Linux books on it!  I think Linux is going
to be a *VERY* serious contender for the desktop and home market in
the near future, because it *IS* Unix, and it runs on the hardware
people already own, or can easily obtain, and the software is free:
you can download it off the net, or you can buy a book a CD-ROM for
$30.00 or so.  And you can *LEGALLY* give it to friends, etc.  If you
are a corporate user, one copy gives you all the software for 200 PCs
in your company.  Microsoft is going to have a real problem with that
in the near future...

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