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Re: mailing passes etc

At 07:20 AM 6/14/96 PDT, (Linda R Clifton) wrote:
>cant' figure out where in the server code we can put the domain and 
>machine name of the comp we're on so that they get the correct return 
>    We keep getting errors that it is not the right one.
>    Anybody know where we can put this information?
>-David Clifton

Changing the return address of MOO mail will not allow your characters to
actually receive email.  As such, while changing this will make it look
better in the mail headers, it will only confuse people and is totally
useless.  You are wasting your time.

But, I'd look at $network:return_address_for or :reply_address_for or
something like that.  It's on $network.  It has nothing to do with the server.



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