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Re: mailing passes etc

On Fri, 14 Jun 1996, ThwartedEfforts wrote:

> At 07:20 AM 6/14/96 PDT, (Linda R Clifton) wrote:
> >cant' figure out where in the server code we can put the domain and 
> >machine name of the comp we're on so that they get the correct return 
> >address.
> >    We keep getting errors that it is not the right one.
> >    Anybody know where we can put this information?
> >
> >-David Clifton
> Changing the return address of MOO mail will not allow your characters to
> actually receive email.  As such, while changing this will make it look
> better in the mail headers, it will only confuse people and is totally
> useless.  You are wasting your time.
> But, I'd look at $network:return_address_for or :reply_address_for or
> something like that.  It's on $network.  It has nothing to do with the server.
> Andy.

You have two verbs too who had to your MOO_name (defined in 
$network) : $network:return_address and the 
$mail_recipient_class:receive_message . But don't ask me why, I really 
don't know. A little trick to configure the send mail to when you're wizard:
@set $network.debugging to 1 and try to telnet on a SMTP port of your 
mail server... There is a HELP on-line (most of time) and it's really 
easy to learn about it (and interesting!).  

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