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ME TOO! or Re: Out-of-mem panic on dumping

At 04:04 AM 6/14/96 PDT, (Matthew Sanderson)
>I'm getting a panic report from the log file that looks depressingly
>similar to the others posted here recently...
>Jun 14 15:39:54: CHECKPOINTING: Writing 4168 MOO verb programs...
>Jun 14 15:40:26: *** PANIC (in child): memory allocation (size 20480) failed!
>...recursive panic, then aborts.
>I spose I am 'jumping on the bandwagon' here :) But this is a reproducible
>error that surely is not normal, yet has been reported by many people on
>this list recently.

You are jumping on the bandwagon sho' nuff.  Unfortunately, when malloc's
start failing it means there is no more room on your machine left for
programs to run, and when the checkpointing process tries to get more
memory, voil'a, panic.
Of course it's reproducable, just use up all the memory on your machine.

And this is exactly the kind of message I was talking about in my 'jumping
on the bandwagon' post.  There is no description of what you are doing in
your database that could cause the MOO process to grow to the point that all
the memory is used up, assuming that all the memory on the machine is used
up because of the MOO.  There is no description of the size of the database
"normally", nor how much it has grown.  You have not told us if you are
using FUP or regular expressions.  You have done nothing except say that you
have a problem.  Perhaps my experience is telling me something wrong, but
how the hell are we susposed to track down your/the problem without any
information about it?



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